High prolactin levels and getting pregnant

High prolactin levels and getting pregnant

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More and more women today are struggling with pregnancy, including more intense childhood intentions, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and hormonal dysfunction.

High prolactin levels and getting pregnant

In the latter case, a very common problem is elevated prolactin levels, which is certainly the case may hinder your childhood. Dr. Viktor Koppbny, endocrinologist and PCOS / insulin resistance specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda, the problem can be solved fortunately.

What does prolactin affect?

Also known as pregnancy hormone, prolactin is mainly used to support appetite and milk selection, and is therefore highest in pregnancy and breastfeeding. But his role here is not over yet, because along with other sex hormones it also participates in the metabolism and growth process. It is important to know that even without baby blood, the pituitary gland produces - and not at all - but in much less quantity. The amount is not constant, as it shows daily fluctuations, so we do not get the same values ​​in the morning and in the evening, and this should be taken into account in the event of sunshine!

Its high level makes it difficult for you to become pregnant

Pregnancy can cause elevated levels of prolactin - it can be caused by certain drugs, illnesses (eg IR, PCOS, thyroid gland, pituitary gland), but most often it can be caused by stress. Higher than normal values ​​can not only cause discomfort, but also make it difficult to get pregnant by blocking the need for a cycle. production of female sex hormones. Accordingly, neither ovulation nor germination can occur. That's why regular, frequent breastfeeding minimizes the chances of a baby being born, as prolactin levels are very high, says dr. Viktoria Koppbny, Endocrinologist and PCOS / Insulin Resistance Specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda.

What can be done?

First of all, it is important to try to minimize stress in your life, which is one of the biggest obstacles to getting pregnant, as it will quickly increase your prolactin levels. Worthy of color, ъtjбn hormone testto lighten up on other hormonal disorders, as higher levels of insulin and hypothyroidism can affect prolactin production! According to Viktor Koppány, the amount of the hormone can be controlled very well with medication, but if the problem is caused by a malignant pancreatic tumor (prolactinoma), then the operation of the hormone may need to be repeated, and the
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  • expectancy / breastfeeding without breastfeeding (also in men)
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