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What will they resist?

What will they resist?

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In order to prevent the child from being so ill, the body's fitness can be strengthened in many ways: by exercising in the open air, by resting, at rest, and through proper nutrition. But there are some factors we think less about!

How can you boost your child's immune system?

Szakйrtхnk, Dr. Attila Sбringer a pediatric immunologist won't let me take off my shoes when I walk into the apartment. And sixteen-month-old Andris still has more on the ground than he straightens up. - You don't have to worry about dirt, it only trains the immune system - Looks when I realize how much I wonder. - I have a colleague who puts half a croissant on the kid's dirty hands from the playground on his way home. By the time they arrive home, they will run out of pity and a lot of disease will get in their hands. You have your daily workouts. We have a little stricter boundaries. Andris, for example, was not allowed to lick the stroller wheel. But we can't stop you from picking up your shoes, so there's a lot of dirt, a lot of gagging on your hands, and it gets in your mouth. We're not mad at her, but she's not panicked if she notices her. In our family, the frontiers of sickness are nowhere else than most parents. The middle-aged group Anna's nose was constantly running from September to May, and she coughed a bit. She was not in flux, not in a bad mood, so she didn't have to stay home. From this steady-state, it was least known that his immune system was working.


If we compare the Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries, the environment is much better and cleaner, and the allergic child is much more there. The same observation applies to children in the village and in the city. The villagers deal with a lot more allergenic substances in their lives, but much less are sick. According to some researches, if there are many cats in a pregnant woman's or neonatal environment, the risk of cat hair allergy is reduced. With house dust, however, the reverse is true: the more you have in a home, the greater the risk of developing a dust allergy.- For example, we never wash or throw away food when a child drops at home. Feel free to keep going. Of course, there is another situation in the dog piss elevator - explains Dr. Sringer. Although the susceptibility to allergies also depends on genetic factors, the number of patients has risen sharply in recent years. One reason for this may be that one part of the immune system is also responsible for allergy and bowel disease. As the latter have been almost completely eradicated from our lives, this part of our immune system has become "bored" and has become much more sensitive to allergies. The clearer, more complete and healthier the environment, the more your body seeks activity. Therefore, it is better to create conditions in which the child can deal with a wide variety of conditions. This is also the purpose of the cure for bacterial diseases, which may be prescribed by a doctor. This includes playground dirt, dropped food, and in some cases, domestic animals. Of course, some rules must be followed. We should not allow pre-meal washing or thorough washing of freshly consumed fruits and vegetables.


- Many people still believe that fever is an anti-fever that needs to be eliminated. But the currency is completely different. Fever is an ancient defensive method of the immune system because rapidly dividing cells - viruses, bacilli - die at high temperatures. Therefore, it is not advisable to relieve the fever too early, as this can help to increase the risk of dying. We rarely quench the heat of our children below 39 ° C. Frequent fears in parents are fever, but they are predisposed and unrelated to fever size. Many people are afraid of the risk of heart failure. In a sixty-year-old heartburn, the rapid increase in heartburn caused by fever can be a source of danger - but it does not cause any harm to a healthy young child.

Fish oil daily

- We can't have a day without fish oil, I sincerely believe in the effectiveness of this diet supplement! - says our immunologist - Increasingly, fish oil not only has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, but also improves children's mental performance and strengthens the immune system. First of all, studying the Eskimos, I realized that infarction, dandruff, eczema and many other diseases were almost unknown to them. Recent surveys of Eskimos who have moved to Canada have confirmed that these advantageous properties are not hereditary, as new living conditions have not occurred. It has been found that the traditional Eskimo diet, the omega-3 fatty acids consumed in plenty of sea fish, has such a beneficial effect. We can give such a gift from a very young age. As long as the baby lives on breast milk, it is enough for the mother to take it. It has also been shown that nappies consuming more fish are less likely to have mood disorders, such as childhood depression. Unfortunately, heavy water pollution in natural waters has become so high that it is not advisable to consume sea fish twice a week. But the fish oil capsules have to pay attention to which one we choose, because there may be a variety of products in the UK! It is advisable to choose an appropriately pure formulation with DHA and EPA content.


In addition to consuming many and varied varieties of raw vegetables and fruits, children should not, in principle, need vitamin supplements. But a lot of kids talk, they don't eat everything, so they might need the party. - Anna is very talkative, not willing to taste a lot of food. Vitamin Rationalism prevents many "games". I know that with just one pill you get into your body that you need to grow, so you don't have to worry about it. I am not suggesting that it is impossible to live without a multivitamin because with great care a good looking child can get everything from natural sources. But we need it. The same goes for trace elements, so kids get this kind of preparation every day. But many people take vitamins only when they get sick - and that's a big mistake! In this case, the fast-growing viruses are being fed. It is better to take the multivitamin once you have overcome the disease, and during the brainstorming. There is one exception to this rule: vitamin C. Adding a larger dose - up to 500 milligrams - to the child at the onset of the disease can significantly speed up the course of the disease.

2 common tweets

1. Do not get in contact with your child unless your immune system is affected.
It's like advising a bodybuilder not to lift weights unless he can lift 200 pounds. Neither is the immune system on its own, only in terms of infections and vaccinations. It is a fact that if a child does not go to kindergarten, he will be less likely to be ill. But he'll stay home more often if he goes to school.
2. If you have a green, thick nasal passage, it is a sign of an infection and you need antibiotics.
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