12 questions not to ask a working mother

12 questions not to ask a working mother

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Once upon a time, every mother experiences a sense of guilt when, for some reason, she has to look after her child. If you do this because you go back to work, you will be immediately received. From this we collected a bunch of currency.

12 questions not to ask a working mother

1. Is it too early to go back to work?
Oh… no. I think this is the perfect time.2. Why don't you take advantage of being home now?
After all, you have no idea what it means to be home (even with more kids). It's all fun and laughs.3. And who cares for your child?
One among the people who are still responsible for it.4. Do you have no consciousness?
None, unless you ask for them.5. Does your child miss me?
And don't you miss a bit of goodness from the star?6. Don't you worry that you miss her?
Fortunately, I can see it inside two urns.7. Don't want to spend more time with it?
Izй. We live under one roof, you know.8. Isn't the builder / private a bit shy?
Thanks for remembering.9. Why is your work so important?
Urgh.10. Has your career always been the first?
Just look…11. And what does your boss say about this?
Yeah, he can't. LOL12. Aren't you very tired?
You see, you're right about one thing.
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