Playhouse etiquette: make everyone feel good!

Playhouse etiquette: make everyone feel good!

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Going to the playhouse is a miracle for a child, as the little one rushes as much as he wants.

Let's face it, we parents can breathe life for that poor kid, because while our baby is playing obliviously, we can take care of our troubles. Or is the formula so simple? Certainly, even in the playhouse, there are some invincible rules that, if followed, will most welcome us in our miracles. one, with the reassuring mind that without a little professional oversight can evolve in the sea of ​​gaming. However, everyone is comforted by staying with the kid in the playhouse for a little while and treasure the treasure. So we get used to the brat a little bit, who will have a greater sense of security that Mom is with her. This is important for the little ones who are taller and more difficult to dissolve in a foreign body.The biggest scandal in our experience the envy of the playhouse is caused by childhood envy. Certainly, it is not easy to convince the infant that the super gadget is not just the spade but also wants to play with it. However, we need to be strict and consistent, as there is nothing more delicate than getting two kids in the hair and putting the play on each other's carpet. And once we get into the hair, it often happens that events in the playhouse get rude, and especially boys they tend to toss each other or even fight together. Whether you are a virgin or a hell of a hell, it is worthwhile to prepare your child first so that he or she will not have to make a change. About Shifts: It's not just hygiene that we kill our baby! After all, if - God forbid - kids get stuck, scratching through long caverns can inflict pain on others. In the playhouse, even in the summer, you should definitely wear socks, but you should not wear any jewelry, as it can cause accidents if you, for example, get stuck in your neck or get caught in your ring. It's a good idea to let a kid in a comfortable, relaxed outfit play with less than more clothes, as the toys will surely sweat in the heat. A full stomach is also not a good idea to go to the playhouse right away, as it can easily turn into a small stomach during a slipper and massage. And it's summer, but it's also very important in the heat: only healthy kids go to the playhouse! If you have a cold, snotty, high rise, stay at home and don't infect the other kid! And when we leave our fetus alone in the playhouse, tell him clearly how much time we will return to him. Let's also make sure that in the event of a problem, whoever animator you may be looking for, who can ask for help.When you go out, go to the shower to find out where to go and wash your hands together! And something else, my personal wand. Tell us and show your child where he can drink in the playhouse. Because little ones tend to forget about sex when it comes to games, we can even ask the animator to water our child at certain intervals. Although, at first, the rules that follow may seem a little too much, nothing more than what you would expect from a standard player. It is a fact and a fact that we cannot follow all the rules at the same time, but we should strive to do that, because in our childhoods we expect our little ones to go home safely, healthily and happily!


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