Once again, the stem cell: when and how much do you kill?

Once again, the stem cell: when and how much do you kill?

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Little is known, but stem cell therapy is not a 21st Century situation: as early as the 1970s, stem cell transplants were routinely performed with great security - with little to no blood -.

Today, there is a much broader scope for this therapy, and medical science has published about 90 types of disease that can be treated with this method. But whether megfizethetх the хssejt tбrolбs a бtlagembernek, to йs egyбltalбn megйri to pйnzt йrte? The хssejtterбpiбval today gyуgyнthatу betegsйgek kцzцtt problйmбk on kьlцnfйle rбktнpusok йs metabolic disorder йppъgy are present, such as the immune system йs the vйrkйpzхrendszert йrintх kуrkйpek (pйldбul the leukйmia ), and has even been used for the treatment of patients with multiple heart attacks. Recent research goes even further and hopes that the method can be effective in curing diabetes, improving the condition of patients with muscular dystrophy, and even the loss of blood cells, lymphocytes, and lymphocytes.
The use of stem cells can cure diseases such as stroke, traumatic brain disease, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, baldness, blindness, drought, Many of these are still considered to be diseases, and there is a staggering chance that any of us will develop and the future will be more dramatic, as many are predicted to gain more weight. But does this mean that it is worth throwing away all of your newborn children, and keeping your honeycombs safe for the sake of your health?

Useful or not?

The answer is not completely unambiguous according to the doctors. They say that it is not in these children that most cases of treatment with their own stem cells are likely to be solved, and that they have a probable cause of the can be present in stem cells removed from the umbilical cord. In such cases, it is necessary to obtain a stem cell from a human being, who has an antigenic structure similar to that of a patient. This may be a completely foreign person, but due to genetic similarity it may be easy for a close relative, such as a sister's sister, to make the right choice - of course, if their stem cells are not found in the cancer patient.
In Hungarian, it is worth not only to have a stem cell removed and stored if you want to cure your own disease, but also if you want to be sure - like an older brother who hasn't had a field cord. In fact, there is a greater likelihood that others will heal from our baby's stem cells and our baby's trouble is not healed by the stem cells obtained from their own blood, but which are "boiling." All of this means that the more blood that is saved in the world, the more people receive treatment and healing and, at the same time, the chances of healing our children. In the end, it can be very useful for collecting and "spaying" the cord.

It is possible to pay by installments and health checkout

Useful or not, for the time being, large masses do not storm the stem cell banks with "deposits", as this is not a cheap thing at all: in our country, it costs more than a million forints, of course, but not only. This is a major expense, as it may easily happen that the precious stem cells collected and stored in the money are never needed, so that the amount of money spent on it is lost. This risk is still scarce in our country today - at least if we have to pay all the premiums in one sum. This is why the Hungarian company engaged in the storage of small stem cells is trying to make its services more accessible, and it also provides some benefits. This service is one of the services that can be funded by the voluntary supplementary health funds, provided that the service performing the storage meets the requirements of the law. The hatбlyos szemйlyi jцvedelemadу szabбlyok 20% of цsszeg adуйvben posts by these people paid for membership jogviszonyбra of view and a maximum of £ 150,000 erejйig, take the adуkedvezmйnyt adуйvben adуvisszatйrнtйs formбjбban the цnkйntes kiegйszнtх egйszsйgpйnztбr magбnszemйly igйnybe.Lйpjen members in addition to just kedvezmйnyes feltйtelek OTP Egйszsйgpйnztбrba! If you sign up for the OTP Health Check online by December 15, 2016 with the code "BABY ROOM20161215", we will release your first three card up to 3 year old card.