Formulation of our needs

Formulation of our needs

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Nowadays it is not uncommon for a woman from the role of child to immediately drop into the role of mother. From the school bench to the diaper. In such a situation, there is not enough time to practice how to behave responsibly.

Carrying and bringing up the child brings with it a series of decisions. Inevitably, we find ourselves in conflict situations, and often we can only retrospectively reflect on events. It would be good for any prospective parent to know how to represent the interests of his or her child. Women are generally more difficult than men because of the subtlety, passivity is typically feminine. Many women are incapable of formulating their own needs, or of validating their interests. First and foremost, they need to learn how to say no. No, if they are kind, powerful they demand. No, if you don't treat them equally, if you want to take advantage of them. You have to be able to say no to your friends, your bosses, your moms, your boys, your kids when the time comes. Of course, to say no, not to slander or annoy the other is very difficult. The best way to succeed is to learn to express our senses in a determined and cultured way. To do this, however, we need to have a talking relationship with ourselves. We have come to the importance of knowing again.