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The most interesting facts are the pregnant tummy tuck

The most interesting facts are the pregnant tummy tuck

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Sooner or later, someone is going to tell you the tutu when you touch your belly, saying if you wear your tummy low, you have a thousand percent to have a son, and if you high, you are. But is that really the case? You find out now!

The most interesting facts are the pregnant tummy tuck

You're downstairs

Dr. John Thoppil according to professor necrosis, the fact that you carry your tummy down or up is actually your stomach. "If a little baby has a higher tummy, they will probably have stronger abdominal muscles, but if they are weaker, due to age, earlier pregnancies or poor fitness, they will result in a lower tummy tuck." Thoppil adds that taller women tend to have narrower, while lower women have a wider tummy.

First or lower

Most toddlers only begin to show in the second trimester that they are expecting a baby. In the meantime, the bee has generally been "sorry" for the pubic bone. "If you look at your pregnancy first, it's probably more because of the frequent bloating in the first trimester," explains Thoppil. Even if you have an earlier pregnancy, your abdominal muscles may be weaker, and you may start to curl sooner.

What pregnancy pregnancy shows

During pregnancy, the darkness that appears on the pocacodone, also known as linea nigra, develops through the action of hormones, which can be stronger on darker skins. "However, pregnancy is over," says Thoppil. (Relax, your outward-looking sender will return to his place.) As for strikes, genetics are most likely to blame or help you to control your weight. Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe for this.

Too big, too small

From the 20th week onwards, your doctor or guard will always measure the distance between the eyelid and the top of the uterus. "It's a 1-to-1 correlation," says Thoppil. "By week 20, that should be 20 cents ideally." If this value differs by 3 inches from one or the other of the optimum, the doc will probably also ultrasound the baby to see if it is too big or too small to age. your tummy will be a really Ubiquitous Arabic, because that's not what it is all about. The source of the article can be found here.
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