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Can this be with the father, this with the mother?

Every parent is a familiar situation: one would allow, the other would forbid, the child would be confused. Then, over time, he gently exploits and turns our own insecurities against us, diverging our views. Not easy, but it's up to us how long we leave it

The central point of the parents in the educational field is important

"Unfortunately, in some child-rearing situations, we don't understand my husband. I'm home with the kids, and he usually comes home in the evening," he says. Бgi, three children, seven years old Adri, the breech norbiand the three-year-old Kristуf "She falls, and maybe still too crazy, she can't keep out of the rhythm of work, soldier wants to create order in Hungary as well. When they can go out to play in the yard in the evening and play at 8 o'clock, they have to get ready to go to bed and start to go to bed. And I let them play it, because they spent each other in the room all day, now they are not bored, so I talk to you to leave them for a while. , you have to turn off your father, even though you only have ten minutes left, it doesn't matter. Of course I'm just talking to you again because I think it is unnecessarily strict with us, "says the mother.Balбzs in the end, he usually gives the truth to the wife. "When we discuss it shortly, I accept that Бginak he is right. I used to tell her to give birth if I was doing something wrong. But many times I feel overly lenient. I know he is at home with the kids all day and I shouldn't start when I come home to do or not do things, but it's hard to change, let go, "explains Dad, who is an international freight forwarder. "It's best not to run, argue, or want to be smarter about the other," he says. Balбzs. "Last time we went off to the Tropicarium frantically, and at home we talked to each other to try to really shut down, not be nervous, and just do each other. that there is great agreement. "

Find the loophole

Unfortunately, children will sooner or later take advantage of the situation and, even if they do not consciously, find the loophole, they will see how to turn their parenting attitude in their favor. "Lack of Communication Mostly Causes Situations When Parenting Petitions Are Unanimous Between Parents" Share Your Experience with Us Montz Ferencné Children come from unexpected situations to figure out how to take advantage of situations when dad and mom don't agree. The truth is, no one is born to consciously seek conflict, and we educate them, of course, not consciously. But this not only causes us uncomfortable moments, but also confuses the child, who will not know his or her boundaries. . If you really know your couple, you know what they think they would do in a given situation. It is also not fair to instruct the child to the contrary. There are many who have seen or died when, for example, the father releases the child in complete peace, and the mother is worried about himself. Aztбn the opponents comethat mom lets her two button-up ice cream, dad buys it, and at home she gets the baby's throat a thousand tomorrow. Worse, all in front of the kid. At the age of two or three, this is still not intentional, but it is better to start losing the bigger lies. And if we get caught up in a rush, then after we've cleaned up, talk to the child so they don't happen again. So the little one will have the unity with which, believe me, he or she will identify more easily and comfortably because no matter how hard it is to believe, the child needs the limit.

We need safe, unambiguous frames

"It doesn't really make sense for a relationship to play in front of a child who's the boss, if we create a competition between each other, because whoever is left behind can feel humiliated," he says. dr. Battonyai Tünde pszichiбter. If we trust the child because we don't want to lay him down, we shouldn't be forced to do it because he destroying authority in front of the child.Many moms make the mistake of being convinced they know better what to do in a given situation. It's true that we are generally more routine, but also respect the paternal frontier of the father, we can publicly assume they are capable of solving the problem. Let's get on with it only when we think there's a big problem. Just ask us if we can help something - the expert advises and adds that we need great domination to act wisely in every easy situation.- Most of all, we women don't let us try to do it right away. talk about whatever you want. Even though it is not worthwhile to dissect each other's words in front of the child, it is not good to ask his opinion if he is forced to make a statement. Children need a safe, clear framework, not that you have to decide between father and mother.Remember that we are basic patterns, now let's learn how to work together with their own peers. Now let's get over the most important social tricks: respect others, conflict management, compromise.

This can be with the father, and only with the mother

"In order for everyone to stick to what they need, there is a need for a small, understandable, well-respected and enforceable rule," he says Mike-Varga Csilla She is a mother of three toddlers and a kindergarten teacher and wheelchair worker. These rules are ideally brought to you by the parents, or by the educators in kindergarten and worship. All right at a young age no appeals, must be followed and readybecause the lurk's life can lie on it. As a child changes the rules, there will be things that he or she may fall into, and well, if you understand what you can't. What is never, what is free depending on the situation. This, of course, depends a lot on the principles, the world, the ability and the ability of the couple to do it. Do it for DIY or for wood. And there are things I can do with me. We decide on these together with the children - he explains Csilla. - I think the rules can change as much as children, because children are measured in their own right, not in comparison to others. As a parent and educator, to whom we fit in, this requires much more attention and adaptability, while respecting individual needs.Related articles:
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