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We can study with a child

Why would it be lawful to spend home time with just housework, baby rides and games? The concept of learning is very much interpreted. This includes anything that opens new windows to the world that help our professional development.

- In college last year, I prepared for the state exam with a bump.
I felt like learning, I fell into the thesis, even though it was my favorite topic before. I could hardly wait to be over everything and watch only the baby growing inside me, because my thoughts were always touching me. It was wonderful feeling to be a mother. I felt that I had achieved everything a woman could want: a loving husband, a healthy, adorable baby, and a beautiful, peaceful home. A terrible conscience struck me a couple of months later, when I found myself terribly bored of the hundredth time I had read a fairy tale. But my little boy continued to adore him, and he demanded "fairy tales" several times a day. Then came the simple roles of making money, getting to know each other. At first I really enjoyed it because my little boy surprised me with new productions every day, but then I finished the game and had a hard time drinking strong tea to stay awake. My environment was a model for me, one who, for example, is raising and educating my child, but in the midst of it I felt that I was becoming more involved in the weekday. I didn't want to go to work because I felt like I wouldn't be able to betray my son. Overtime would not have been a good solution either. Finally, I enrolled in a marketing and advertising management course. Originally, I did a training course and wanted to do something completely different. Well done. I have to spend one dulute a week at school. At this point, we will discuss the parts of the curriculum posted at home and get tips on how to proceed. Meanwhile, my son is watching over our little boy. I just steal time for home schooling, for example, while the baby is sleeping. The family has become more upset, sometimes eating cold for dinner, but I feel much better. As I study, I feel grateful for my son's business again. We can enjoy life together and run out of ideas.
Kati, email
Why do you have to learn?
- We can keep up with the professional innovations even during the BisBus.
- We can delve into our knowledge of a narrower field.
- Improve our communication skills.
- If our studies have so far been neglected and you have not succeeded in gaining vocational training, this is a never missed opportunity!
- Nowadays, you cannot thrive without language skills. If you don't have a language exam yet, let's get started.
- We can learn something completely different from what we've been doing so far. Newer knowledge will help locally.
- You can learn practical things. A sewing course is a useful investment, for example. You can save a lot of money by sewing your family wardrobe at home.
- For those who do not have a license, go ahead! It can make a lot of difference in life.
Are we going to learn ?!
As much time as we have at home with our young children, our leisure time will probably be only in our relaxed years. Perhaps our readers are upset right now and are taking this extra time off, which is about housework, the kid, and who knows what's going on in every area. Anything incredible, it's all a matter of organization and point of view. Now it seems like a very practical solution for a mother to be all about the family: cook, nourish, collect scattered laundry, wash, iron, procure, bring a child, bring amusement, check lessons, care for a patient, change a baby, digging up, shoe cleaning, gardening, tidying up a hundred times a day. Are you asked to stay this for years? If you go back to work, will the chaos stop? Will favored family members be a part of the chores of the household? Obviously not! It takes months, maybe years to develop the right proportions for the family division of labor, and there can always be new situations.
It is also worth considering the skills of the mother. Are you (was) an investor to learn? The answer is uplifting. Learning never fails and intelligence, education, quality of life, home design, eating habits and relationships with the child are all affected. It does not matter if the children are dealt with by an uneducated, bitter mother, or someone who is open to the outside environment of her family. You are obviously wasting a lot of your time studying if you have just one perfect (?), All-consuming household outcome.
Let's make time for what's important!
Even the big family cannot be prevented from taking time to study.
Among grandparents and relatives, we certainly find someone who is willing to take care of the children once or twice a week. If this does not prove to be the case, look for a bisexual. A trusted high school student living in the neighborhood may come in, but you can also ask for addresses from your local church. We might find someone working in kindergarten, ward, who would do something like that. A learner can be a good solution. The essence of this is that we enter into a cheap grant agreement with another pregnant mother who does not go to school the same day and cares for one's child while the other is studying. Keep in mind content solutions as well, as children may be sick because of a pre-agreed plan.
What can I learn with my child?
Vocational Training Opportunities and Other Tips for Improvement
In our summary, we have listed all of the unteachable training opportunities that require up to one entry per week. The amount you pay most of the time includes notes and exam fees.
Prerequisites: Successful entrance exam
Starting majors:
Economist (Economics), International Relations Specialist
Usually at custom times, at one or more times a week, at select times.
Average course fees: $ 200- $ 800 per class (depending on the number of students in the group and the cost of the language school) individual hire: between 1800-3500 Ft.
Duration of each course: 35-100 hours on average.
tour guide and hostess
Prerequisites: Basic, intermediate language exam
sales manager
marketing and advertising manager
Prerequisite: Vocational or Economic Vocational School Examination,
or a non-specialist university / college degree
vendéglбtу manager
Prerequisite: Postgraduate Vocational College Degree or Non-Vocational University / College Degree
tourist manager
Prerequisite: Tourism Vocational College Degree or Non-Vocational University / College Degree
Regular activity: one time per week, approx. 15-20 rbig
Training time: approx. eight hours, a lesson
Location: Budapest, Info: 321-5800,
Prerequisite: Certificate of Certification or Craftwork
marketing and advertising consultants
Prerequisite: Certificate of Certification or Craftwork
sales executive
Prerequisite: Certificate of Certification or Craftwork
tourist coach
Prerequisites: Certificate of Certification or Proficiency, Basic Exam
ABC eladу
Prerequisite: Basic school education
Regular activity:
once a week, approx. 15-20 rbig
Training time:
Total approx. eight hours, a lesson
Location: Budapest, info: 321-5800,

management training, basic accounting, secretarial training in accounting, marketing, commercial and business, basic text editing, computer literacy
hobby classes: tailoring, keyboards (synth synthesizer), reform kitchen, beauty care, astrology
Regular activity:
learning two lessons per month
Training time:
Total approx. an йv; Machine Text Editing: 9 hrs
Info: 382-0610,
Regular activity:
once a week for approx. 2 ounces
Location: Budapest
Info: 210-0964
Gordon's method for parents and educators
Continuous Basic Courses:
parent-child course to solve parenting problems
adult training course to help you deal with adult mental problems (women groups in particular)
Relationship Course for Couples or One of the Members of the Couples to Harmonize Your Relationship
Further training course:
"play" - course on human play based on books by Eric Berne
Accredited Continuing Education Teachers:
courses to improve teacher-student relationships and help the work of school teachers (the course certificate equals 50 points)
Soon there will be courses for doctors and guardians!
Regular activity:
one week once a little lean
Training time:
average 10 hours / 20-30 hours, for educators 50 hours
Budapest, Szeged, Sopron, Debrecen, Tatabanya, Zalaegerszeg, Eger, Papa, Veszprém
We congratulate you without the need for completeness;