The kid in the infection room

The kid in the infection room

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The infectious ward is one of the most common sites in our readers' complaint about children's hospitals. We asked why you can look at what you can count on, do you have to stop breastfeeding, is it right if you can't stay overnight?

The kid in the infection room

Our author's story: Two nights in Lloyd
It started with a little night rush. In my mind, I stumbled upon the bed, bribed it, replenished it, and Bborbor sat and starved. Laundry, new pajamas, lingerie. By the time I fixed everything, another attack came. Then the next and the newer. Уrбnkйnt. She drank nicely, gave her a sip of her drink, but she didn't stay for a minute. There was a terrible diarrhea in the middle of the day, and we didn't even get to the bathroom. The bed, the carpet, the dress were like that. All. She was in such a terrible state during the hours that she was completely out in the morning, nothing to expect, it was a curse. Do we have to go to Laszlo City Hall? - When I heard our only chance, come on I got sick. Because this is a kind of mummy court where the most serious cases go. So what would we be like? Of course, if I looked at my daughter, I knew. Yes, the situation is so serious. But getting involved, I wasn't even remorseful that we were there. Here, parents cannot walk in the hallway or enter any ward to carry the infection. Everyone is with your child. There is a bathroom outside the gyms, no clutter. In addition, every gym has an anteroom and the doctor doesn't come in until he has washed his hands to prevent him from spreading the disease himself. Not only can the beds be reassured if a patient goes away, but the spasms are washed away. But best of all, every doctor has told him exactly the same thing. There is no hesitation, no hesitation, a very thorough preparation, a single point of view, and the icing on the cake for endless kindness. Because it wasn't easy for us. For my creature was constantly crying. To give him a headache, they should be given painkillers. To be flabby, ask for flame retardant. And that you want to walk in the garden and remove the infusion right away. I was relentless to call the Native at every major hysterical peak. And the nurses were all patient. But they didn't give me painkillers because, believe me, this kind of disease doesn't work. And they do not give a flame retardant, because up to 38.5 it is better for the flame to help the defense system. And if you want to kid your baby, stop the infusion, go for a walk in the garden, not jail. You say nothing. He was only willing to drink, but he warned me that it was common, don't worry. And one night, feeling the smell of salty sausage, the little starving man came to his convalescence and brought back in the days that he had previously cast. Hasmenйs? you have already one occasion is scary. Even if you repeat it for 10 minutes and your child will not have any sips of liquid! If an adult catches the same disease, he or she may recover from a couple of unpleasant days or hours afterwards. But in the case of small children, that is not the time. They do not have reserves, and if they do not receive timely replenishment, the situation may become critical during the hours.

You need a lot of fluids!

How dangerous is the disease? Very. In Hungary, deaths do not occur only because in the case of severe symptoms, all children are hospitalized and the cure is relatively simple and inexpensive. After a few bottles of infections, the little patient can go home soon. But in countries in Africa, where health care is not so good, it is the outbreak that causes most of the deaths in children. - In this case, not the water loss is the worst, but the body decrease in ion level. Ions need the organs to function. Levels, loss of consciousness, spasms, arrhythmia can fall - sets dr. Zsofia Meyer pediatrician, infectious disease specialist. - That's why it's not enough to just drink water with the kid. In the XX. One of the greatest discoveries of the century is the rehydrable fluid, which has so far saved the lives of millions of children. This powder, which is also available in drug stores, is worth keeping at home and should be used immediately if needed. It's pretty sweet, most of the little ones don't love it. However, if your child is not drinking or is suffering from this, you should seek medical help. For hospital treatment there are others infusion fluids Needs attention.

What made you sick?

Of course, it is very important what causes the symptoms, even if the light is less frequent. If your child has diarrhea, the stomach's mouth says a lot. If it is spongy or bloody, it is more likely that the bacterium is the cause of the infection, even though antibiotics should only be given if the infection can spread to other organs through the blood stream. However, this is rarely the case. Faint, almost watery diarrhea of ​​viral origin is significantly more common. There is no cure for this. Only the generous fluid intake And the power of nature can be trusted by the parents.

Highly contagious

If your child shows signs of discharge (see our box), the hospital is immediately directed. Here, we "turn off" the digestive system and the patient receives continuous fluids. Since you do not drink, you have nothing to lose and filling up with fluids will reduce your bowel volume. The pancreas is admitted to any hospital, but if you have diarrhea, it can only go to the infectious class. In Budapest, this task rests with the Laszlo House and its sixty beds.- Although parents are sometimes reluctant to get their children here, it is important to understand that these classes are more mature, that doctors are more mature, In case of diarrhea, the stool is highly contagious and should be treated and cleaned. These classes pay much more attention to compliance with purity standards. Parents and children are kept in segregated rooms, so there is less risk of infecting children staying there due to other illnesses - he explains dr. Lajos Уcsai, however, there is usually no obstacle for the parent to stay with the child, unless they are usually quarantined in the department.Experience is that infection is almost impossible to eliminate. One child starts, the other comes three days later, then the parents. The basic infection is usually caused by viruses that have proliferated in the stool. There's a missed wash and you're sick. Later, it is drip infected and spreads through the air. Frequent washing and disinfection can slow things down a bit, but at home conditions, when children are expecting a cuddle and comfort from their parents, it is impossible to keep up with them. alcoholic disinfectant fluid, which forms a kind of film on the skin, provides an effective barrier against laxatives, advises Doctor Ucsai.

Is there a defense against it?

Against any of these varieties, yes! Salmonella infection mainly spreads through food. If we pay attention to general hygiene, then this can be prevented.- Younger than three years of age keep the list of salmonella infections, although they really only eat what the parent gives them and they also rarely do. It is primarily raw eggs and raw chickens that spread the corn. It is important that you never give raw eggs to the baby, even when filling a pancake with a crumb or filling it with egg. But chickens are always processed on the open-air cutting board, but with the help of the butcher. In particular, it is important to be aware of these basic rules, because salmonella is unlikely to undergo any change, so you can rely on your own prudence. Once a bacterium enters the body once it is in food, it works just like any other infectious disease and spreads from person to person.Vaccination could be a protection, but for now only rotavнrusok against. This is not obligatory, but since it is also a very acute chronic illness and it is a long hospital stay, it is worth giving it. It has been given to 10-12 percent of Hungarian children, which is quite large in Europe, but it should be noted that this does not mean full protection, only protection against serious infections. It is important to know that rotavirus vaccines should only be given in infancy, and that two or three vaccinations should be completed by the age of at least 5 years.

Home gold has 5 golden rules

- Don't give me a toothpick!
The body would just get rid of the virus at diarrhea. If you give your child a remedy for any diarrhea, you only prolong the sickness.- Water just sipped!
Although most patients complain of a thirst for money, it is important that you follow the ten-minute rule of thumb. If you give a lot of water at a time, you are only promoting the newer vomiting. Pour the water into a half-glass and a baby bottle, and do not give the baby a drink more often than ten minutes. Under one ounce, that means just three decibels of liquid.
As our specialist suggested, it's worth it rehidrбlу liquid sip to drink water. Instead of a simple, powdered mix, this will probably be more successful in the drug mix, which can be obtained in pharmacies and larger grocery stores. This way you can avoid going to the hospital as early as possible.- No diet needed!
If your child is better and wants to eat, grind with excess filtered broth and boiled potatoes in water. You can eat anything you want and what they eat. It is very important that you do not restrict your protein intake (dairy products, meat) in any way, as your body will target its own protein content and this will trigger healing. They only use junk, spicy foods that can irritate the gut. - You can get milk!
Of course a breast milk is best. There is absolutely no need to limit breastfeeding, on the contrary! It's good to have your baby breast more often. It comes in more fluids, easy to digest, and contains a lot of useful substances. In addition, there is no more hygienic choice! You can also breast-feed if you also catch the disease because breast milk does not transmit the infection.

Signs of outburst

The doctor is perfectly clear, but a skilled parent will soon learn:
- the child's tongue is dry;
- eyes on the ring;
- if you pinch the skin, it will remain wrinkled for a moment;
- the smell of acetone;
- 12 urns do not pee (dry your diaper).