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So persuade the restrained child!

So persuade the restrained child!

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There are many nicer, backward children who are quieter in the community and find it harder to dissolve. You can help with these methods, even if yours is.

Surely you know children who dare not even make friends, or may drop their mothers or hang their heads. Perhaps your child is just like that. Although there is nothing wrong with this, unfortunately, many people tend to regard this behavior as cowardly, overly cautious, and of course they make it sound. However, this can only frustrate any other child who is repulsed, and over time, completely erode his or her confidence.How can you help a retarded child? Of course, there may be anxiety disorders that occur in social situations, but this is only typical of small children. It is much more common for the little one to be introverted, that is, to take time to dissolve in an unfamiliar situation and to feel better in a quieter, less stimulating environment. Let's see some simple method you can use to help her!

Change your words!

We wouldn't even believe how much our wrong choice of words can do for our child! Let's try to put it in such a way that we do not qualify the child or suggest that the behavior is bad or negative. Instead of saying, "Unfortunately, he's such a little cheerful," let's just say, "It's a little quieter now." This is to make us accept our child's feelings, and to understand that this is not always the case.

Start a Dialogue!

Discuss with your child about the situations in which he or she behaved more quietly. Don't ask her why she wasn't open and friendly, instead, focus on why she could feel magically uncomfortable. This can help both understand the behavior and provide a common solution to similar situations. For example, if you do not dare to thank your neighbors for fear of being laughed at for your speech defect, agree that the closest waving is enough.

Come on in!

The solution to having a lot of back-to-back kids is surprisingly simple: Exercise more in social situations! Even for adults, it is true that they feel uncomfortable in a loud, unfamiliar place where they meet a lot of new people, but they have "practiced" how to behave. Try to create newer and more opportunities for your child to practice these skills. Of course, you shouldn't take it to a noisy, cluttered playhouse right away and expect it to feel great ... Instead, look for one of the mates who is liberated nearby, and go for a play or a new one. Over time, you can deal with growing numbers and unfamiliar situations!

Plan ahead!

If you know you can get into situations that cause anxiety, practice it! For example, you can play with babies, teddy bears, or say what you have to say at a birthday jury, or if you are asked if you like going to kindergarten. You can also advise him to always bring a favorite game or book to talk about - so the topic of acquaintance can help keep him or her happy. Don't miss out on a party or event, as it is inevitable that you come to a loud and crowded place where everyone is suddenly watching you. If you went earlier, your child will have more time to adjust to the new situation.

Praise often!

Positive feedback is very important for children. If you acknowledge and appreciate your efforts, you will strengthen your confidence and be more alert to new situations as soon as possible. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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