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Loss of milk teeth

Loss of milk teeth

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Many parents are completely upset when they first hear from their child: my teeth are moving!

So many sensations can get mixed up in us: crazy, pride, sadness (how big this kid is) or just worry. In any case, this is certainly a memorable but stressful moment. Many times it is a problem that the bar is moving the tooth, but it does not fall out immediately. It can take days or weeks for it to break, but these days can look like years. has collected how to wait for the first tooth to fall out, how to make this wonderful miracle for your child. Typically, a child falls out of his or her first milking age. Of course, children can be very different, some people who have their teeth out and about to lose them sooner or later, but some have the opposite, so this is not a stoned rule. Milk tooth first tends to loosen around the age of 5-6 years. According to some studies, girls tend to fall out of their first milk teeth sooner than boys.The child's toothpicks will probably fall out in the order in which they grew up, so most of the time the two lower incisors are missing first, then the top two and so on.

You can count on that

Luckily, the kid will tell you if his teeth are moving. And what you will probably keep dirty with your tongue, loosening the ropes between your mouth and your teeth. We shouldn't let her hand brush her teeth unless she does it with clean hands - but since it is all about small children, you shouldn't base it on that. And as we have already mentioned, that tooth can be shot for days or weeks, it is not worth urging, but be aware that you will experience some bleeding in your mouth without having to worry about it.

To force it away

If the child is already very annoyed by the tooth moving, or the parent sees that the tooth is just holding the tooth, then we can try to remove it from the mouth ourselves. All you have to do is wash your hands, grasp the toothpick with a piece of steam and pull it out. If the tooth does not come first, do not be violent, wait for a few days. In fact, pricking out a tooth prematurely can lead to infection.

When to worry?

In general, there is no need to consult a dentist about the loss of milk teeth. Of course, there are exceptions, such as when a child is swollen or has a loose tooth, the child would rather not eat than just have to talk to him. Alternatively, the tooth is left out of the tooth and the remaining tooth wakes.Related articles:
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