The first signs of hunger for the baby

The first signs of hunger for the baby

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It took a lot of thought that the owl had to feed exactly 3 urns, and this was replaced by a diet that was adapted to the baby's needs.

The first signs of hunger for the babyFeeding is preferable if we recognize the baby's signs early, before the last phase (rash). If your baby is hungry, you may recognize these early signs:
  • She licks her lips
  • Suck on hands, tongue, feet or clothes
  • He opens and closes his mouth several times in succession
  • Turns the head left and right
Probably not all signs of your baby can be observed at the same time. One baby indicates the other one. With a little extra attention, by monitoring the signals, we can quickly see - before we start - that our baby uses the signal signal above to communicate his hunger.If you do not recognize
  • She's logging her head
  • It'll be chic
  • Moves the head forward
If we fail to identify hunger on the basis of these, the baby will have no choice but to indicate that it is time for feeding.
If we recognize the early signs of hunger - and don't expect the baby to get hungry - feeding can be much calmer for both mother and baby.

How Does Demand Nutrition Work?

The basic principle is to give the baby food and drink when he or she signals the need, as often as possible and for as long as possible. If the baby just wants to eat again a couple of minutes after feeding, then we can give it a rest.Many mothers keep it in the first few weeks, as if they were constantly feeding the baby: this is because the newborn stomach is very small, so it quickly fills up with breast milk, but this fluid is quickly absorbed, so the baby can get sick again soon. Because exclusive breastfeeding also functions as a fluid in the fluid, it is extremely important to respond to the frequency of the request. It is also worth keeping in mind that the baby may for these reasons, it is not worth always feeding the little one at the same time. (source here and here)
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