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5 interesting things about eczema

During the winter, it is extremely common for the skin to become red, dry, and painfully peeling.

5 interesting things about eczema

Establishing an accurate diagnosis is also important because different abnormalities require different therapies.

I'm an adult, I can't be eczema, childhood disease

Eczema based on skin is called atopic dermatitis, which it often appears in infancy and childhood. However, atopic eczema even in adulthood can cause symptoms. Dr. Garaczi Edina dermatologist allergist - who is based on feedback from patients at the Buda Allergy Center's Exceptional Doctor - said that in the case of atopic eczema in adulthood, the patient may have more detailed information that usually reveals skin or respiratory allergy (syndrome, asthma), or other eczema in family members. In addition, so-called contact allergies and irritable eczema often cause symptoms in adults, meaning that in such cases, eczema is caused by contact with an allergic or irritant substance.

Do I have to live with the disease?

It is true that not all forms of eczema can be permanently cured, but by eliminating the causes of inflammation, by eliminating the inflammation, you can achieve a symptom-free condition. Acute inflammatory symptoms with topical steroid supplements They are generally well-managed, which we use in a timely manner when complaints are raised. In relieving the symptoms, we also use so-called immunomodulatory local formulations, which also help to maintain a longer asymptomatic state. Probably the most important part of therapy is the a ablation of the skin, regular skin care and lipid polishing.

Moisturize your skin and avoid long bathing!

Eczema is a delicate, often very dry skin that requires very careful care indeed. Moisture and lipid bleaching is important and can be provided by hypoallergenic bleaching. Use perfume, preservative, and colorless cosmetics as much as possible. Eczema patients should pay close attention to the proper hydration of the skin. THE cold, cold winter time is more likely to enhance skin cleansing, in this case it is important to choose a short shower instead of a long bath and then use a special body polish.

Not all spots are eczema

Among the most common forms of allergic skin diseases are eczema of various types. However, sudden onset itchy skin conditions can also be caused by diseases that are not allergic. Setting up an accurate diagnosis is very important because different changes require different therapies. Dr. Edina Garaczi said that eczema may in some cases be similar to symptoms of psoriasis or superficial fungal infections. In psoriasis, or as a medical name for psoriasis, scaly blemishes, red patches appear throughout the body, and hand foot ulcers may also be affected. In case of skin, itchy or painful appearance on the face, the condition of rosacea other than eczema should also be considered. rosacea mainly skin lesions with mucous membranes, inflamed and purulent lumps on the central areas of the face. Hairy scalp itching is often not the result of a shampoo allergy, but a common skin condition called seborrhea. In this case, the symptoms start around puberty at the time of puberty: increased sebum production, dandruff, and redness in the scalp, eyes, eyes and skin.

It may also be a symptom of insulin resistance

There may be many causes of skin symptoms, which may require complex examination and treatment by a specialist. The most common problems with internal medicine are problems of the stomach: gastrointestinal complaints, hormonal abnormalities, or insulin resistance can provoke skin disorders. Complaints can be weighted or triggered mental problems, stress In such cases, treatment may also require the involvement of psychotherapy.

Why seek medical attention?

It can also be seen from the above that skin manifestations in many cases complex examination They also require personalized treatment. Not only are therapies tested at home prior to a medical examination failing to produce adequate results, but the altered clinical picture also makes it difficult for the physician to make the diagnosis. It is more worthwhile to ask a professional for advice on how to treat your skin complaints instead of blemishes. Thus, less effective treatments and their side effects can be prevented by lengthy examinations and misdiagnosis. Related articles in Eczema: