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When does Your Adult Overweight Career Begin? Do we carry it in our genius? Can babies be fattened or fattened? Let's see what the science of toddler body formation today is, what is normal, and where does the course begin?

The baby's weight gain is not uniform and not the same in everyone

There is also no age when good nutrition, good weight gain, is as important as the first year of life. This is understandable, since such a large increase does not take place anymore, and the body and mind develop at an incredible rate. Parents, on the other hand, will fail and be disappointed if the child does not want to eat. On the other hand, the problem with early childhood anxiety is that it often has adulthood anxiety.

What did you do?

For pregnant mothers, nursing women, children and people with high muscle mass, the BMI (Body Mass Index) determination gives inaccurate results. Based on the weight of a large number of healthy children, a wide range of boundaries has been established. Above the upper weights we talk about children, and below the lower we talk about lean lungs. In other words:
DiseaseGirl (upper limit) gramsGirl (alsу limit) gramsBoy (upper limit) gramsFiъ (alsу limit) gram
1 hr5200320055003200
2 hrs6000380064004000
3 hrs7000440074004800
4 hrs7800480080005200
5 hrs8400520088005800
6 hrs9000580094006200
10 hrs11 400700011 4507800
1 year12 400760012 4008400
2 years15 500900016 00010 500
3 years19 00011 50018 00012 000
IMPORTANT! Table data should not be rigidly interpreted as age weight is strongly influenced by birth weight and individual conditions.In the case of average birth weight, it is a good idea to apply the rule that the baby doubling their body weight by the age of one half, and multiplying their body weight by one year. On the other hand, a person who is born with birth can expect a different body weight at one month of age than those who started at three pounds. My three children were born with a weight of 4-5 pounds, and after just a couple of months, they barely grew, and each year they were among the small ones.
- 400 grams in the first month after that
- 150 to 250 grams per week for up to 6 months, ie more than 600 grams per month,
- In the second half of the year, the rate of growth slows down to as low as 500 grams a month.

What can you expect next?

Birth weight has nothing to do with lower body weight. We often meet small and skinny adults who were over 5 kilos. There are many examples to the contrary. If we are looking for the height and weight of cancer, the child should be neglected. Who did you like to be born to, which of your grandparents, grandparents? Between two and seven weeks of age, a simple formula can be used to estimate the expected body weight: 2 x number of years + 8 = kg. For example, in a cone: 2 x 5 + 8 = 18 kg.

Breast milk and protein content

The belief is that diet-fed children grow better than their nursing mates. There are many reasons for this, as it is much simpler to feed than when Breast Cancer Needs to Work Better. From the outset, it was clear that diet-fed babies were not healthier, and their crocheting did not provide any advantage in overcoming disease. It is not uncommon for mammals to have the least amount of white in their milk, which ensures optimal need and development, with the least burden on the kidneys.

Which fattening is better: sugar, genus, white?

As a result of complex biochemical processes in our body, all the diets (sugar, white, fat) are broken down into two basic compounds of sulfur (acetyl). This is where you grease, especially in the case of the fatty tissue. It can also be explained by the fact that protein can be removed by diet. Of course, with intense athleticism, these whites can help prevent muscle building by increasing muscle mass. Since fat can be less mobilized than sugar or white, High fat diet fattening more easily. However, the effect of fattening depends primarily on the caloric content of the food and not on the diet. Occasionally you can hear specialty food combinations that do not fatten despite their calorie content. Neither these nor the reduced-energy foods, low-fat dairy products are good for small children or infants.

That's it!

The thing is simple: we eat a lot and move a little. Special diets and food combinations can have a consuming effect, but it is more important to pay attention to the overall composition and calorific content of the food. For example, if you eat meat with potatoes instead of potatoes, you will eat less meat, and you will grill less meat if you don't eat it. This is true, but not because the dietary component of diets in the flesh is reduced, but because the salad has a much lower caloric content. neurohormonal regulation contributes to the energy balance of the body as a whole. An important element of this is the production of fatty cells leptin, which regulates dietary intake by acting on the central nervous system. It has recently been shown that a genetic deficiency of the leptin gene leads to severe obesity. However, this error is only a very rare mutation and obviously not the cause of major obesity. Many other genetic factors also help feed the storage of diets, but they are primarily responsible for eating very often unhealthy, fattening!Related articles in Body Testing:
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