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Dangerous bulbs, child care products withdrawn from the market

Dangerous bulbs, child care products withdrawn from the market

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Hazardous toy vehicles and childcare articles have been withdrawn from the market by the Consumer Protection Authority, said the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) at MTI.

According to the report, the Accredited Laboratory of the Port is in the interests of children's safety in tricycles, playwrights, pedestrian-friendly pedal cars, baby chairs and baby ferries. He checked 18 out of 47 products withdrawn from the market, where necessary, the product was also recalled from the customer.Half of the tested childcare products are dangerous according to effectiveness Of the 19 small vehicles examined, 5 did not meet the requirements. A problem with three-wheeled bikes is that there is a gap between the moving parts that kids' fingers can trap when playing. In the case of game controllers, the wheels were smaller than the front, and the steering column's load was collapsed. With all footprint controlled small motor, quad and go kart vehicles, all controlled products have met the specifications - value.A 28 Controlled Child Care Products Near the Top of Deficiencies they arose. Feeding chairs were unstable, overturned sideways or rearward, and in one case there was a possibility of head trapping. Baby ferries have been found to be at risk due to insufficient stability or load, falling from the stairs, and risk of collapse. In the case of travel, most of the problems were the risk of rollover and collapse of the mattress, which is a risk of suffocation.Nikoletta Keszthely The Deputy Secretary of State for Consumer Protection said in a statement that, in the context of consumer inspections, the power is looking for allegedly unsafe products. In the ITM laboratory examinations, lost trackers, toy bikes and childcare articles have been removed from the shelves by consumer protection, and a significant part of the system has been recalled. With the continued presence of consumer protection, the safety of children is a top priority of the portfolio. A complete list of the products tested can be found on the government website - read the bulletin.