We also need a paraphernalia!

We also need a paraphernalia!

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Viki complained that they wanted more from Bella, who, in her own right, was just doing her job, barely spending time with the child. You never play with it, you get home from work, and you study at home. What can be done in this case? We quote from your answers!

Dad's ours!

For the most part, families with small children are the family of the family, who often have to do other things after eight hours of work, but this can't go wrong with child-rearing. I think it's ridiculous and very grateful for what you're doing. It's a stall, but it is true that everyone has time for what they want. My husband usually returns home in the evening so that sometimes he brings home the backlog. But as soon as she gets home, she focuses on her family, me and her baby. She plays with Lily, she fucks, she carries, she helps her out to dinner, she is with her at bathing and she usually sleeps. All this is not a task, it is easy to do, but rather for them, these minutes are the highlight of the day. And the job is done after the house has quieted down. Whatever your frontier task was, it never occurred to you to lock yourself in a room, thus excluding your family from life.

There is a need for a father

And thou shalt not have grief, for he is now the seeker. This does not mean that from now on you are the kid, ove the job. The little one will lose this benefit if you don't change it. He will look at his father as if he had not taken part in his life. Sit down and talk about what you really want, what you are running out of, what you are trying to do, so that you can manage the relationship.

Adapt to Dad!

We also have a break between dad's studies, he has to eat. With our ten-month-old baby boy, we're knocking on the door ceremonially. I feed the kid when he is eating, that's the least halfway through the program, while we cheered, laughed. So the child is left with what the father is eating. When I was playing with the kid, I mentioned to him "where's dad?" He looks for Dad, meets his gaze, laughs a big one, and looks back at me. If you don't come, I will call him and say to him, "Dad's not here, come on! Where's your mac?" And the game is on. Dad also comes into the bathroom a bit during the bath, playing with the kid for a few minutes. Of course, he also needs to be patient and adaptable.
Csilla Kecskemét

You need a father too!

Our dad is also working and studying. She's right where she has to learn a lot. My boyfriend is a real perfectionist, he only likes to get dresses. In spite of this, the other is annual our baby is the first. As long as he is up there is no learning. After he fell asleep, he was studying in full steam, even though he was leaving for work at 6am the next day. I think an adult is able to study until late at night, especially because kids generally don't fall asleep so easily. You need to discuss this with each other, but surely the little ones need your dad's attention.
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