Men's Eyes: Should the Mother Work?

Men's Eyes: Should the Mother Work?

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The world is changing. While it was natural for a woman to stay with her child, it is now accepted that she would go back to work immediately after childbirth. The decision is influenced by many and many factors. But how do men see it all?

The place next to the kid?

"The solution is one, there is no one-size-fits-all, family-friendly recipe " - says The tar Бgnes szociбlpolitikus. Children need a stable environment. Ideally, the family is in a real choice situation and can decide the solution based on the interests and needs of each actor (child, mother, father).

Should the mother work?

This, of course, requires good quality child services, flexible forms of employment and a social environment that supports, respects and accepts free choice.
In Hungary, a significant majority of people believe that the mother's place is next to the child in the first three years. It is a little more permissive if you have a job at home or if the family's financial situation makes it essential for a woman to work for a child at the age of two. Naturally, the differences, too, according to the place of residence are very significant.
In small villages, smaller settlements with nearly 40 percent of the population, employment opportunities are not only less favorable than in cities, but child services (such as livelihoods) are also much more difficult to access. Here, public transport is another way of mothers' employment. It is noticeable that in such a medium and situation, the traditional roles of women and men continue to prevail.

My wife took half a shift and diapered

Peter, Adrienn and their children
"Our story is not ordinary," Peter begins in the story. "When our twin babies were born, I had barely a job, but my wife had a pretty cosmetic career. .
Because the girls were exclusively breastfeeding, my wife ran between our homes and cosmetics. In fact, it happened that I brought the little ones to her. In the meantime, we are getting better, so I am commuting between work, cosmetics, make-up and our home several times a day. Fortunately, we had the help of a waitress who we could thank a lot. I did everything for men, from the first minute on, I bathed, bathed, washed the laundry.
Today, I realize that this is how our business has evolved since I was a part of children's lives from the beginning. I saw when they first got on their stomachs, I was there first and foremost, and that means more to me. Of course, nothing is given for free. To this day, I remember nights when my wife, after a full day's work and with children, slept tiredly and swapped her next to her: I always took the one that she wanted to suck on.
Then I slept in the lead the other day - but we only remember the beautiful part afterwards. The kids got used to the situation, and it didn't bother them at all that three of them - my wife, Ann and Nina - took care of them. Adrienne was harder, х he envied looking at the motherly child, who have their daily routine repeated on a regular schedule.
Now that the girls are growing, everything is lighter. Without us, we still do not move out, but more and more we organize meetings with our acquaintances, dinners, and slowly return to normal circularity. "
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