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Change Strategy in Criticism and Praise

Change Strategy in Criticism and Praise

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We never lose sight of how often we criticize a child, nor do we realize how rarely we praise it. But the key to success is in the proportions and in our attitude.

Therefore, reinforce your child if he or she is doing something good (Source: iStock) If you want your child to do the best for himself, let's see when he is doing well and give him positive feedback. Negative things are much easier for everyone than positive ones, and the behavior of children is also much easier to spot. If we put these things in the eye of the kid, maybe megbьntetjьk йrtьk, we will not help in the long run the viselkedйse fejlхdйsйn.It is much better to make them aware that children can run from time to time, malice, and thus chase their parents. However, you should not smoke because you do not help them learn the right patterns of behavior. When we scold the kid like that, he can feel that way there is no certainty that they do not like it, which can cause frustration.Just before we criticize a child's behavior, it is better to lose some of the air first and tell us that a child behaves just like a child, because he is a child. we decide to react to our behavior. This can eliminate a great deal of home disputes and anxieties. So, if we are looking for a mistake in the child and facing it, it does not help them to change and develop. However, if they feel loved, respected, they will also be willing to work together. If you want your child to do the best they can, they should try to get things done during the day. To do this, let's first try to notice if your child is going to the right office for one thing, even if you don't do it perfectly. Here's an example of praising you for having to ask for your games just once - because at least after a warning. asks your friend after you repent. " Let's take a look at who - for example, when a preschool lectured on a tree, it made you think it was a tree and let's not criticize it for speaking loudly to the public. This is the job of uvunny, who put together the show, not the parent. Most difficult, though, is perhaps the most important thing is to try to positively see confused things - for example, tell him that he really loves having that much energy, instead of scolding it again.By putting this into practice, let's figure out how to summarize your child's day with this approach:"I love being so cheerful in the morning. You always make me wake up. I noticed how kind you were last night with your brother. I love when you brush your teeth anymore, I need to remind you. that it is disappointing that this has not been done right now, but I see you are over it. It will be much better soon. as good as you find it. I like when we talk in the car in the morning. that you are always paying attention to the animals and you are kind to me. How can I be so lucky to be your mother? " be like that (VIA)Related links: