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Slightly allergic

Slightly allergic

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So let's just call it all allergies that are somehow affecting the respiratory organs, but we also include allergies that affect the eyes.

The most well-known and most common is lymph node syndrome, and more preferably allergic necrosis. In Hungary, 15% of the population deals with it, and anywhere in the world, between 10 and 30% of the population is affected.

It is also for allergies

In some patients, allergic reactions occur only seasonally, as allergies can only be found in the environment at certain intervals, such as. the pollens. However, allergies in the home cause problems throughout the year. However, you can live under the same roof with different molds. Therefore, there should be no old, dull, discolored wallpaper in your home. The wall of the flower tile and the flowerbed are favorable habitats for allergenic buds. The flowers should be planted regularly in fresh ground and new pots should be used. Small children do not need to be houseplants in the immediate vicinity.

Respiratory allergies can cause a number of problems

Mold fungi naturally occur seasonally, mainly in the fall or during windy after rain. However, seasonal allergies are mainly caused by pollen. Symptoms of blush include nasal itching, wheezing, nasal congestion and nasal congestion, which can cause itching, itching, itching, inflammation of the eye, inflammation of the eye. You should always consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of allergy

The primary goal is to find out the cause of allergy, which is best suited for the skin. However, the patient and the parents of the toddler are questioned when allergies occur. (Many observe that allergy to aspen popsicles appear when poplar poplar flakes are present. Well, you can know for certain that you will be allergic to the blooming meadow grass at this time, because the poplar flakes cannot be breathed in and are not allergic.
However, skin skin should be aware that in children younger than three years of age it can give a false negative reaction, so an accurate diagnosis can only be done with a blood test, an allergen-specific IgE test, which can be expensive, but everyone can.


The first thing to do is to avoid allergies. Feather allergy is easier to eliminate, but it is not that easy to get away from pollens. There are basically two forms and purposes of treatment, one is to prevent the onset of symptoms, the other is to treat already existing symptoms.
Most respiratory allergies are caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane, which lasts for several months to at least several weeks and is therefore used in the course of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs.
Symptomatic treatment with different nasal drops and sprays is very good. As early as possible, before the allergic season, you should start adding drugs that are designed to prevent the onset of symptoms. With the help of state-of-the-art remedies, nasal flushing can be eliminated in 2-3 minutes. One of the most effective forms of preventive treatment in the knowledge of allergens is the control of allergies. hyposensitivity, which is worth knowing that in children, it is much more effective than in younger adulthood.
If you decide to use it, you will need to select the 2-3 allergens that are the most aggressive and the most difficult to avoid and start treating with the other allergies. It is not worth hyposensitising more than 3 allergens at a time. For example, it is much harder to avoid pollen from grass than wood pollen.
In terms of form, hyposensitization by injection is most effective, but there are also tablets and nasal drops that can be used in children.
Untreated heartburn can often develop into asthma, but there may be some allergic reaction to recurrent, fever-free respiratory illnesses in young children, especially if they return even after the age of three. In the background of the smallest asthma, 90% of the cases have some kind of allergic cause.