Survivors' aid

A total of 2 million forints in Christmas donations was made to the Pest County Tgygygygyin County in Tbilisi. Among others, he has received a device that provides rapid and lifesaving assistance in cases of childhood abuse.

Since then, the KH Group has been distributing funding for Christmas donations among applicants to the KH Spasming Program to help support children's health. 8 million forints, which was distributed in advance to the institution that applied for the application. Thus, lifesaving tools were purchased for the Pest County Lifetime Department at a value of 2 million, for the Győr hospital and 3.5 million for the OMSZ three. "
At the Pest County Pediatric Lung Department, she has been treating children with lung disease since 1992. The majority of children who come here require treatment for asthma attacks, pneumonia or inflammation of the mouth. Another profile of the department is the examination of children with chronic dyslexia. In most cases, this is possible with X-rays, ultrasound, inflammation and allergy tests. In addition, the Sleep Laboratory tests for sleep disorder and, when necessary, sets up a machine operator to ease home breathing. For reflux complaints, a 24-hub handpiece pH test is performed.
Part of the class is the pediatric bronchology exam, which is the second largest circulation among domestic examination sites, where 250-300 pediatric systems are examined under anesthesia each year. The vizsgбlуban vйgzik the beavatkozбsokat also able segнtenek kьzdх children each lйgzйsi nehйzsйggel: eltбvolнtjбk kerьlt the lйgutakba foreign bodies (commonly mogyorуt) kiьrнtik the hцrgхket benyomу TB nyirokcsomуkat, or - orszбgban egyedьl - the lйgutakat tбgнtу small fйmhбlу lйgcsхbe helyezйsйvel biztosнtjбk that infants who have been ventilated for up to months can breathe freely again without a machine.
A child with a smaller solid body (such as a nucleus) may be put at risk of fatalities, as it can lead to drowning. Usually, the cognitive reflex and the obstruction go away, but it may not be enough. In such cases, immediate intervention is required. Optical gripper is a tool that allows you to remove a foreign body. Until now, it was only a tool for the smallest. The 44 cm long teeth won by the current application have an optic inside that magnifies the image in the airways, in particular, making the foreign body visible and identifiable. With the help of several other tools (laryngoscope, optics, bronchoscope tubes), we have succeeded in modernizing and extending the tool park so that the patients can get an immediate check of the list. This is particularly important in children with chronic respiratory illness, for whom early life expectancy significantly determines future life expectancy.