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The pediatricians defended themselves

The pediatricians defended themselves

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It is one-sided that the Hungarian pediatric practice is considered outdated and less than the European average. At the very least, this is the opinion of Hungarian pediatric leaders about their training and interviews at home.

The pediatricians defended themselves

It appeared in the days dr. Novбk Hunor interjъja dr. Krisztina Szakбcs with a pediatrician who has just returned home after several years of stay in England and will continue to work at home. In the interview, Dr. Novбk asked the pediatrician about his experience in England, who made some serious claims about domestic and English practice, such as:
- In England he was confronted with the need not to quench the fever
- do not plug children in the buttocks
- In Hungary, to this day, fridges and prizes are fashionable, and it's not generally accepted outside because it's not kid-friendly
- calcium is not known to be a miracle cure for allergies
- they take hospital infections and hygiene much more seriously than we doDr. After six years of work in England, Krisztina SzakĂĄcs says, for the most part, that Hungarian pediatric training is useless in the West, and that many of the methods learned in practice in the UK are considered barbaric in England. The interview - which dr. Hunor Novák appeared on his own website - by the 24th of January and the bar has had a great career so far, Groups.
According to the Hungarian specialist training, the compulsory continuing education system and the professional protocols contain the latest knowledge, Йs children gyуgyнtу intйzmйnyek, practices continuously, ъjнtjбk bбr vбltozу gyorsasбggal at gyakorlatukat.A Hungary Pediatricians Tбrsasбgбnak йs the Hбzi Pediatricians Egyesьletйnek vezetхsйge the Egйszsйgьgyi Professional Kollйgium Csecsemх- йs Gyermekgyуgyбsz and Children Alapellбtбsi Tagozatбnak members leszцgezik kцzцs their statement egyйrtelmыen that "does not stop the place and one-sided generalization to call the Hungarian practice outdated, less than the European average. "Szerintьk West egysйges not practice, not always the йs legkorszerыbb.A statement highlights: Due to the csecsemхhalбlozбs csцkkenйse, the domestic kiemelkedх szoptatбsi йs бtoltottsбgi arбny, a pediatrician hбzi йs vйdхnхi system gondozбsi eredmйnyei, kitыnх gyermeknefrolуgiai йs neonatolуgiai mыhelyeink gyakorlattб vбlу tudomбnyos eredmйnyei It is not incidental that more unproven effectiveness (such as homeopathy) can be regarded as more distant from daily practice in some Western countries.It is unfortunate "Pediatricians trust in the most difficult conditions than those in England, but in most cases, they use the most up-to-date knowledge." According to Dr. Krisztina Szakács, she had settled in another country before completing her specialist training, so she could not acquire at home the complex knowledge that would be expected of Hungarian pediatricians and children during her childhood. "The solutions described by him in practice are generally unique in the country and have no professional support; "Tбjйkoztatбsul kцzlцm to England munkбmat tцbbszцr megszakнtva, the domestic system szakkйpzйsi kцvetelmйnyeinek meet tйve I бn november 20, 2013, the National Vizsgabizottsбg elхtt szakvizsgбt got йs нgy csecsemх йs gyermekgyуgyбszatbуl szakkйpesнtйst Kьlцn kiemelnйm that during Gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​szakkйpzйsem never even once. I failed, I successfully passed my exam for the first time, and I continue to maintain that unfortunately there are still many outdated therapeutic guidelines in Hungary (eg flame retardation, your allergies, too many oral and intravenous antibiotics, etc ... that are not stopping in the UK. Attached is the Certificate of Special Examination issued by the National Examination Board. "
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