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So give up your sex life!

So give up your sex life!

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Along with the child, the previously used rhythm of life is upset; However, from the perspective of the future of the relationship, it is very important to keep in mind that we are not only parents, but also spiritual and corporeal.

If you have children, it is not easy to keep your sex life in harmony

"Our second child was two, the bigger so old when one, no different from the rest on Wednesday night, having dinner and putting the kids on the kitchen counter, said he didn't like to go home, but he didn't like to come home. yeah, that's right. I felt like I couldn't move, and in a moment, I was running dhh, desperation, and thinking how right he was, "says Bea, when she turns to the then-10-year-old. Lucky for her that her husband was able to say this, and even if they had no nights talking about it, they both realized that they couldn't go any further than they had in the past 4 years. , the lack of convergence, the lack of sharing of our thoughts was clearly due to the fact that we were not men and women looking at each other. But not having sex, being alert, not only is there a physical shortage, but they are also starting to disappear spiritually, "he says, adding that they have decided to seek excitement and pleasure in the first place. It was not easy, because there were griefs from previous years due to neglect or lack of feedback. everything has become better. The routine has become a color, so let's get back to our own lives, "he says after two years, but what can we do to get back to each other again? To return intimacy, sexual desire, the need for coping, and the ability to accept it into our lives?

The meal will come with food

Even if our libido and our flesh are noticeably larger than we are, we still have time for sex, and we are relieved of it. Surprisingly great sex therapy, if the couple simply decides to have sex "regularly" from now on, preferably every day. Because this initial "compulsion" - following the "eating" process of the "meal" - takes place in the interior, initiates the sexual life, and at the same time, regenerates the whole relationship. The point is that we should not be pushing for high expectations, but we also need to spend a couple of minutes on costing, negotiating.

Surprise each other

Sometimes it is easier to start than to find that you have a problem and talk. A gentle gesture, a thoughtfulness - to put it stylishly - can convince us to speak openly about our sexual needs or the lack thereof.


Sounds very simple, because this is often the hardest part of the thing. Let's put it bluntly, but do not qualify the decisions and actions of others; with whom his couple loved to make love.

Don't be insane

Everybody is thrown up and thrilled by others. We know each other's needs, we can do it, but we can also try new things. For lovers of the classic line, a sexy white can be enough, but if you are more engaged, a home striptease, a jerky little dance, or a very unexpected partner for the occasion, you may want to give we are with someone who loves us and who we love, so we can be sure that you will be happy to want to be nice.

Change your viewpoint, change your location

Diversity makes a difference - say many times. We can get out of our usual role, we can start or just become passive, if we have always dominated us all together, we can always help Unusual environments are also fortunate because dressing in the corner or children's toys popping out of the corner do not interfere with our focus on each other.

Let's meet and chat with each other

Not just once, but from time to time. We should look for the opportunity to be alone sometimes, but we should love each other even when there is little intimacy during the daily rush.
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