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Since you are a father, I love you even more

Since you are a father, I love you even more

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Beautiful testimony of a mother.

My dear brother: I love you again and again at these times (Fotу: iStock) Dear brother, when we met, I thought I was so deep, elemental, true to love that I couldn't fall in love again. But I got it. When you first washed yourself, when you first had your newborn baby, and you missed your baby cord, I wore it, and you said I was beautiful, I loved it again. When I stayed up all night at Christmas to revive the Master Lego Set, I loved it again. When the ultrasound wasn't the one that would make my pain more bearable, so I loved it more closely, I loved it again. I was 9 months pregnant, and you painted my gum for me, and I loved it again. I also forgot about the pain caused by the contractions because I laughed so much at my birth, you loved it again. I thought when our youngest child was in trouble and prayed to both of them and put a million requests to the doctor, I loved him again. to keep the door to others, even if they were able to do it themselves, I loved you again. that you will always have his nose, just dare Whenever I find another wreck or a haircut, and every time you say that the years are just getting nicer, I love you again.Some people say blind. They didn't agree. I think true love is more like looking at someone with wide eyes, with love and acceptance, knowing all their strengths and mistakes. With repentance and patience. True love is what helped me to see the light even in the worst of situations. I feel this every day. Ъjra and sjra. (VIA)Related links: